Topic Year Resource Author(s)
Git 2016 Git From the Inside Out Mary Rose Cook
Git 2013 Incremental Merge for git Michael Haggerty
Git 2011 Git, GitHub, and Social Coding GitHub Team
Git 2010 Mastering Git Basics Tom Preston-Warner
Physics 2008 Sustainable Energy David J.C. MacKay
Security 2010 Catch Me If You Can Frank Abagnale
Sports 2018 Open Letter to Steve Kerr Arnie Spanier
Sports 2018 Longest at-bat in the modern era MLB
Sports 2018 Nathan’s hot dog eating contest Schlereth & Evans
Sports 2018 Favorite food at Thanksgiving Schlereth & Evans
Music 2011 Mikael Eliasen celebrates 25 years at Curtis Mikael Eliasen & Ghenady Meirson